Omega Digi-World DAO

We are individual artistes merging to form a DAO and we are incorporated with the CAC of Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company with interests in Media, Education and Trading.

We are pleased to introduce you to a new DAO which is Omega Digi – World DAO and we are operating from Ibadan, the South West of Nigeria with the sole aim of becoming the physical resource centre for Near in that region to:

The Future is near

To achieve the above, we shall focus on creation of digital arts, conversion of existing arts to digital arts in the areas of:

Who We Are

We are individual artistes merging to form a DAO and we are incorporated with the CAC of Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company with interests in Media, Education and Trading.


The whole of Oyo State is 7,840,864 and it is our desire to onboard new members from these numbers by targeting higher institutions in the state and currently we have about 70 higher institutions of learning in the state and these are our working grounds i.e. places from which we intend to onboard people.

People We Look Out For:

We will look out, work with and onboard the following people:

creatives in music

Creatives in the field of music

People such as musicians, bands, instrumentalists, videographers, trainers and managers would be onboarded and integrated to the online community Purpose: To facilitate songs and videos making about the ecosystem

creatives in writing

Creatives in the field of writing

There is a need to have more DAOs specializing in the creation of Books NFTs and so we would be working with poets, authors, playwrights, creative writers, content writers; onboard them and integrate them to the Near Community.


Professionals in the field of education

There is a need for professional teachers or educators to break down certain aspects of the Near Ecosystem in simpler words for better understanding, that is not to say that jobs earlier done are not already doing that but there is always more room for improvements and more tutorials done in professional ways. purpose: to spread the Near Education in various fields of life, not just through arts alone.

software engineer

Software Engineering

There is a need to create more apps related to Near Ecosystem and one of the aims of this DAO is to collaborate with developers to bring engaging and simple games to the near community. Users can connect their wallets to the apps, play games and win tokens in the long run.


To create events where Near Education can be spread en masse

To onboard creatives and educators who have made names for themselves into the Near ecosystem and integrate them into the Near Community

To facilitate minting of NFTs in Near-affiliated dApps

To encourage DAO to DAO collaborations which is not limited to online collaborations only but also real life events

To onboard functioning and active users from over 70 higher institutions within the State

To establish a Near Resource centre in the state which would serve as an avenue for Near Education and Onboardin

To encourage development and creation of dApps in the field of Music, Books and Education which would keep the Near Communities engaged, active and interesting.

To be a source of funding for individuals whose projects add meaningful contributions to the Near Ecosystem

To partner with and connect related real life organisations with web3 operations and platforms thus serving as a bridge between real life and web3

Big M

Big M is a leader and visionary, having been in the ecosystem long before creating this DAO, he has collaborated with other DAOs and presently he is working on spreading Near education in the South Western part of Nigeria.

Big M


Meet Shozy, a multi-talented creative soul who excels in various artistic endeavors. As a graphic designer, Shozy brings visuals to life with an artistic touch and keen eye for detail, creating captivating designs that leave a lasting impression. In the realm of academic writing, Shozy demonstrates exceptional skills in crafting compelling and well-researched content, delivering impactful messages through the written word.

But that’s not all! Shozy’s passion extends to the realm of music, where they shine as a talented songwriter and rapper. Through the power of music, Shozy expresses their thoughts and emotions, connecting with others through catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrics, embracing the universal language that unites us all.


AbdulRahman damilola

Hi ,My name’s AbdulRahman damilola
am artist ,songwriter and record producer also web3 enthusiast. I’ve worked on several projects across several daos, being an active participant in lots of dao on the Near creative ecosystem especially such as Reggaedao, beatdao, Youngfreshdao e.t.c
it’s been great building and working creatively on near ,which also serve as an extensive avenue to connect with several creatives across board on the ecosystem.
I’m from Ilorin ,Nigeria
it’s been a great pleasure connecting with NEAR

AbdulRahman damilola

Tobi Paradise

Good day to everyone seeing this short introduction about this young man Odunjo Oluwatobi but known as TOBI PARADISE, born and brought up here in Ibadan, Nigeria. A soul that expresses his talent through music, cooking, a recording producer, a videographer, a lazy writer, an actor, i am versatile if i must say. I am proud to say i am a builder on Near protocol since 2022, i won some bounties with different Daos. I love to learn more and meet new people.

Tobi Paradise


OfficerLehLeh_01 on social media is a wonderful reggae talent form Nigeria with a very high skill in reggae composition and performance. Officer LehLeh has done well in the Nigeria music industry by having an album to his credit and other singles too.
Officer LehLeh is a musical thinker.

Officer leh leh